HANDMADE : made by a person using their hands rather than by machines.
LOGICMADE : made by a person using their logic rather then anything.

We are a dynamic team who can create fast and durable solutions for Information Technology. We use latest technology in our jobs. (i.e. .NET 4.0 for now) with 20 years of experience and know-how.


Logistix is a solution for freight forwarders. It's user friendly design, multilanguage options, consolidates reports and usage over internet makes it unique.
Forwarders need to send many documents for a simple load, Logistix can prepare and send them in seconds. You can create document templates, automatically fill necessary fields, send them to related companies and keep history for them easily.
Integrated CRM (Customer Relation Mnagement) makes it easy to examine customer behaviors as well as sales team's performance.
All the operations can be easily tracked with their status. Multi branch companies which located in different countries can use the software in their own language and report the operations in any language.(Latin alphabet is supported only)
Logistix can be integrated to web end, accounting softwares etc. Live update, remote support features are default in the software.
International authentication and authorisation standards are embedded in Logistix.
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Even the location is not important in today's world, we are located in South Manchester / United Kingdom. Please feel free to contact us for any need. we'll try to arrange a meeting as soon as possible.

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